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Project Management

The Project Management service offered by Cooper Kauffman in its broadest sense covers the selection, management and co-ordination of the resources necessary for the procurement of a construction project from inception to completion so as to achieve the Client's required objectives in terms of function, quality, time and cost.

Here follows a comprehensive list of the Project Management services offered by Cooper Kauffman. However, services provided for specific projects will be tailored to suit the unique characteristics of the projects and adjusted according to the stage in the projects' life at which Cooper Kauffman is appointed.

Services included in the list that involve the expertise of other professional disciplines will be provided by others, either in separate organisations or under consortium arrangements.


Initial Brief & Appointment

Establish with the Client the requirements and objectives and means of achievement including:

  • Nature of the project
  • Preferred location or site acquisition
  • Quality, function, environment and amenity requirements
  • Access and security considerations
  • Relocation from existing accommodation
  • Phasing requirements

Establish with the Client time and cost objectives and restraints including:

  • Required occupation data (total and phased)
  • Existing accommodation liabilities
  • Cost objectives, i.e. maximum capital cost and cost-in-use
  • Sources of finance, funding arrangements and cash
    flow requirements

Establish lines of communication between the Client and Cooper Kauffman and the extent of Cooper Kauffman's authority including:

  • Appointment of the Client's Project Liaison Officer
  • Agreeing communication and administration procedures
  • Agree scope of appointment and terms and conditions thereof.

Initial Proposals

  • Prepare initial proposals as to how the Client's requirements are to be met.
  • Make recommendations relative to the need for the appointment of Design and other Consultants.
  • Advise on liaison and negotiations with Statutory Authorities, adjoining owners etc.
  • Prepare an outline programme showing key dates for decisions and approvals, ordering equipment or machinery, commencing construction, relocation etc.
  • Recommend administrative procedures for meeting (through the Client's Project Liaison Officer) the requirements of the Client organisation, e.g. financial, accommodation etc.
  • Agree proposals with the Client.

Appointment of Project Team

Prepare a brief for the appointment of each of the other Consultants or firms.

Recommend names of appropriate Consultants or firms and invite those selected to make a submission as necessary.

Arrange interviews of Consultants or firms as necessary.

Agree terms of appointment with selected Consultants or firms

  • Negotiate and agree fees with selected Consultants as necessary.
  • Negotiate and agree terms of engagement of selected Consultants and draft contracts defining responsibilities, lines of communication, levels of professional indemnity and terms of remuneration.
  • Subsequently check and recommend applications for payment.

Assess resources required by each member of the Project Team and set up a budget control system for expenditure related to these resources.

Advise the Client of the cost of employing the Project Team.


Development of Brief and Initial Proposals

Draw up a Master Programme and subsequently develop it to encompass all activities.

Define and evaluate alternative ways of meeting the objectives.

Assist the Client with the preparation of feasibility or viability studies as necessary.

Obtain the Client's approval to the course of action proposed.


Administration of Project

Provide each member of the Project Team with the agreed Client Brief and Proposals for meeting the objectives.

Define the stages of procurement, e.g.:

  • Design and cost studies leading to an approved scheme and cost plan.
  • Planning consents and other essential approvals.
  • Appointment of Contractor(s).
  • Completion of construction and occupation.

Define and agree with the Project Liaison Officer and each member of the Project Team the administrative and technical procedures to be adopted throughout each stage including:-

  • Nature and frequency of meetings, e.g. Client, Design Team, Site etc.
  • Nature and frequency of reports required from Project Team members for inclusion in the Project Manager's report to the Client.
  • Develop and maintain programmes of the appropriate type, monitor progress and adjust as necessary to maintain objectives.
  • Agree with each Consultant the staff resources required to meet the detailed requirements of the programme and monitor the application and effectiveness of such resources.
  • Organise and chair meetings or delegate where appropriate. Arrange attendance and issue agendas and minutes.

Development of Design and Cost Plan

Procure the development of design and cost studies and report thereon, including all time and financial considerations.

Prepare updated comprehensive financial appraisals and Master Programmes.

Arrange the formal presentation of design and financial appraisals to the Client and obtain the Client's approval to proceed.

Concurrently with the development of the design and cost plan, progress the following matters: building, services and soil surveys etc.

Negotiations with Statutory Authorities, adjoining owners etc., in conjunction with the Client and relative to issues such as:

  • Boundaries
  • Rights of way
  • Noise and nuisance
  • Road closures and diversions
  • Requirements of public utilities, diversion of services etc.
  • Arrange submissions for planning and other consents.

Contractual Arrangements and Cost Control

Note: The order of the following activities will vary according to circumstances and will be carried out in conjunction with the members of the Project Team.
Consider types of contractual arrangement available and appropriate to the time and cost objectives and restraints.
Produce reports and recommendations for the Client's approval.

Prepare lists of Contractors and Sub-contractors thought appropriate to the project.

Invite selected Contractors to confirm their interest and where appropriate submit pre-qualification information, e.g. experience, references, available resources and financial status.

Make an independent check on the pre-qualification information provided.

Arrange, on a formally structured basis, pre-tender and/or post-tender interviews with the Contractors and Sub-contractors to establish their understanding of the Client's objectives and their willingness and capacity to align themselves with these objectives.

Progress development of the design to the requirement of the Master Programme so that the appropriate level of design information is produced for the purpose of obtaining tenders and appointing the Contractor(s) and/or Sub-Contractors.

Set up and maintain appropriate cost control and monitoring procedures and arrange for reports to be produced as required and in an agreed format.

Consider insurance arrangements appropriate to the project including:

  • Building Contract insurances
  • Client insurances

Co-ordinate the production and issue of tender documentation.

Appraise tenders received on the basis of:

  • Method statement and programme including comparison with the Master Programme.
  • Cost

Report to the Client on the outcome of the tenders with an updated financial appraisal and recommendation.

Arrange for appointment of the Contractor(s) and Sub-contractors.

Co-ordinate and monitor the activities of the Project Team and any other matters for which the Client has responsibility with particular regard to:

  • Ensuring that outstanding decisions being made to meet the requirements of the Master Programme.
  • Materials, plant, equipment etc. being purchased/ordered in good time and checking progress of manufacturer and delivery.

The production of outstanding design information.

The maintenance of effective financial control.

Monitor progress on site, identify and resolve problems.

Prepare reports to the Client at regular intervals including:

  • Progress on and off site.
  • Updated construction cost compared with construction budget.

Arrange for the completion and commissioning of the building including:

  • Co-ordinating Client's/Tenant's fitting out and commissioning programme with programme for commissioning building.
  • Testing and commissioning of the building and services installations and obtaining all test and statutory certificates.
  • Co-ordinate inspections and handovers to the Client.
  • The preparation of a project Log Book with 'as-built' drawings, operating and maintenance manuals, specifications etc.
  • Arrange the preparation of schedules of defects arising during the Defects Liability Period(s) and prompt completion of remedial work.

On completion of the Final Account, including the settlement of any claims or other matters which may have arisen during the course of the Contract, submit a report to the Client on the financial outcome of the project.

Ensure that all documents relevant to the project are assembled and properly stored.

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