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Quantity Surveying

From our extensive knowledge of construction economics and contracts we are the financial managers of the design and construction team.

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Firm Cost and Contractual Management

As chartered members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we manage all commercial and contractual aspects of your development.

From early stage estimates establishing project viability, to detailed budget estimates as the design evolves, we manage the process through to strict tender procedures and sound analysis of the bids received. This places you in the strongest position to select the best contractor for your project.

Our expert knowledge of construction contracts ensures your financial interests are safeguarded and enables us to accurately value the works as they proceed, whilst exercising firm financial control to ensure the budget is not exceeded.

Quantity Surveying Services

To understand the key elements of our Quantity Surveying Services, simply click on the icons below.

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Preliminary Cost Advice

An early-stage estimate is provided at the very outset of the project, to indicate the probable region of cost and assess the type or size of the structure that you can erect for any given budget.
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Cost Planning

Following on from preliminary cost advice, cost planning involves a systematic analysis of the cost of each element of the project, measured against its performance or aesthetic. Effective cost planning provides a framework for firm cost control throughout your project.

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Tender Documentation

Competitive tendering remains the usual basis for receiving bids, however, we are able to negotiate a competitive price with your selected contractor. Both methods benefit from Bills of Quantities that translate the drawings and specifications into a pricing document for sound analysis and an accurate contract sum.

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No two projects are the same, therefore we need to be adept in many suites of international construction contracts. We select the most appropriate contract and are expertly qualified to modify it for the jurisdiction of the project and to safeguard your interests.

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Interim Valuations

Under most forms of construction contracts the contractor is paid monthly. We accurately value the work along with authorized variations to ensure the amounts payable are reflective of the works completed. This information also filters into our financial reviews for ongoing cost control and reporting on the projected final cost.

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Final Account

After practical completion has occurred, we prepare the final account for the project. This exercise is in accordance with the information reported in our financial reviews and embodies omissions and additions for approved variations that have occurred during the project. The final account is agreed with the contractor in accordance with contract conditions.

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